View, Browse, and Edit JSON Objects Visually

Sat, Jun 20, 2009

Tech Tips

Here are some helper applications that let you view, browse and edit JSON objects. When I am first working with a web service that returns JSON, I like a quick overview of what it includes. Having a navigable treeview helps find the properties that you need and get them quickly integrated into your code.

Here they are:

My JSON Editor with Demo
I like this one because it is simple and easy to use. You paste in your json string, click save and it gives you a quick tree view of your object.

My JSON Editor

My JSON Editor

JSON Editor
This one works too.

JSON Editor

JSON Editor

Firebug JSON Explorer
I actually havn’t it tried this one, but it was definitely worth mentioning. I use Firebug but this feature is only available in the 1.4 beta. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to upgrade my Firebug version at the time of writing.

What would be nice to see…
I would want to click on an element in the tree view and get the fully qualified javascript code to read the value. Save me some typing.

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