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NoWrap in ASP.Net

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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If you want your table column to not wrap in ASP.Net, you can use the NoWrap property in the tag like so: <td nowrap="nowrap"> content </td> This makes the code xhtml compliant and prevents warnings in the source view of designer in Visual Studio. Normally you could just specify a nowrap attribute by itself in […]

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Formatting Columns in an ASP.Net GridView Control

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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To format columns in a GridView control, you can use the FormatString property: //Formatting Currency <asp:GridView id="grid" Runat="Server" > <Columns> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Amount" DataField="amt" FormatString="{0:c}"/> </Columns> </asp:GridView> To format a Date column, you must also set the HTMLEncode property to “False”. //Formatting a date column <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Amount" DataField="date1" FormatString="{0:d}" HTMLEncode="False" /> To format a Currency with […]

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Slow Web Service calls to LocalHost in ASP.NET

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Here’s a few troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve slow calls to web services that are on your local host. 1. When I googled this issue, I found this link. It reveals a setting you can make in your web.config to force all calls to local web services to bypass your proxy (if you […]

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Reviving Metabuilder’s DualList

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Update: Metabuilders.com updated their controls for Net 2.0! Metabuilders had a free ASP.Net web control (with source) called DualList (or DynamicListBox) that worked really well in ASP.Net 1.1. I wanted to use it in 2.0 but there are some minor fixes needed in the code. Here is summary of the fixes I found here and […]

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