Resetting Your Password in Vista

Thu, Oct 16, 2008

Tech Tips

Sometimes you need to reset your password. Sometimes you’re lazy and forget to make a windows password recovery disk (yes I’m guilty). So here is the easiest way I found to get back into your system:

You need to be able burn a CD image or copy the contents on to a USB and make it bootable (instructions provided). I thought the easiest was to burn a cd. Once you have a bootable cd/usb, boot your computer and follow the instructions. The instructions pretty much consist of hitting enter (accepting the defaults) until you get to the part to choose the username password you want to clear. Once done, you reboot again and enter the new username and password, then you are in.

So easy, my dad could do it! Ok, I did have to talk him through it via a phone call but it went off with out a hitch.

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