Firefox Extension Error: DebugNextPageMI is null

Sun, Jul 12, 2009

Tech Tips

I kept receiving this error message on start up after upgrading the SNUM extension I am working on:

   TypeError: DebugNextPageMI is null

My extension updates worked fine before this upgrade. After some research, I found that the Zend 2.1 PHP Debug toolbar was causing some type of conflict.

When I looked at my code, one thing that was added was a reference to the jQuery extension. When I took this reference out, the problem went away. When I added it back in, sure enough it came back.

I didn’t have time to do any additional troubleshooting, so I decided to remove the jQuery reference. Since I was only testing jQuery in Firefox, this really wasn’t a big deal to modify the code. I was kind of disappointed that jQuery might have issues in Firefox with other extensions because I was going to rely heavily on it for another upcoming extension. I had a read a few posts that jQuery was working fine in Firefox.

It looks like it is working fine. In this case, the problem looked to be with Zend’s extension and not many of my end users would have this particular version of Zend’s php debugger toolbar installed. I am going to ignore for it now.

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