Element Not Found Javascript Error When Installing IE Search Providers

Tue, Jul 7, 2009

Tech Tips

Here is a solution if your are getting a javascript error when trying to change the default Search Provider (Bing) in Internet Explorer.

The Error Message Is:
Element Not Found.

This is the fix that worked for me:

You can use regedit (Start Menu->Run->Type “regedit”) to modify the following key:
and change the current value:
to this:

More Details About this Fix
I was not able to find much details on when or why this registry entry was overwritten. The safe approach would be to make this fix, install your search provider, then restore to the original setting.

Being stuck with Bing as a search provider was annoying to say the least. However I did find that the results of the two search engines (Microsoft vs Goolge) were more similar than I have ever seen in the past. In other words, Microsoft’s result were actually useful.

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6 Responses to “Element Not Found Javascript Error When Installing IE Search Providers”

  1. Wender Says:

    My IE8 is working finally!

  2. Mohamed Says:

    Thanks a lot

  3. busterp Says:

    Yeay. Got Google. I don’t where you would have found that obscure solution but I did it and (note, when selecting google search, it still took quite awhile for the choice to load – but when it finally did, it allowed me to make google default. No more bing!!!)

  4. Faizan sayyed Says:

    Nice one Dear.
    its worked for me…

  5. urv1984 Says:

    it’s working.