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Fixing Desktop.ini popup on Windows Start

4. November 2009

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If you have a file called desktop.ini open in Notepad when Windows starts, here is how to fix it. You just need to delete this file from the Program Menu startup folder. Go to the Notepad window that has the desktop.ini file. In the menu, click File -> Save As. In the “Save as type”, […]

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UrlEncode in Python

3. November 2009


To urlencode a querystring or form data in python you can use the urllib module: use urllib # you have to pass in a dictionary print urllib.urlencode({'id':'100', 'name':'john smith'}) # then you get 'id=100&name=john+smith' Urlencoding Unicode and UTF8 Values #this works fine print urllib.urlencode({name:'José'}) #you have to be careful with unicode strings # this will […]

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How to Create an IE8 Accelerator

2. November 2009

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Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 are a new feature that allows you to select text and perform actions on it (like look up a word, map an address, etc.). This tutorial creates an accelerator that lets you select a song title or artist and listen to the music.

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Using a favicon in Django

1. November 2009

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The default location for a favicon.ico file is the root folder of website. However when using Django with an apache virtualhost, you need to map the location of your favicon. Here are a few ways to get you favicon working: 1) The quick way is to modify the html in your base template to include […]

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