Archive | December, 2008

How To Remove Apple Software Update (for Windows)

29. December 2008


It just keeps popping up. How many times do I need to be asked if I want to install Safari? I was almost tempted to just so it it would stop popping up. Here is how you can disable Apple Software Update in Windows. It is set to pop up weekly via Scheduled Tasks. So […]

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Working with Null Characters in C# / .Net

20. December 2008


Here is one method to manipulate Null characters in C#: To Search a String for a Null character: mystring.Contains(Convert.ToChar(0x0).ToString() ); //The hexidecimal 0x0 is the null character To Replace all Null Characters in a String: mystring.Replace(Convert.ToChar(0x0).ToString(), ""); Why Do I Need This? It might help. I needed it when I got a nasty error message […]

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