Archive | December, 2006

Laptop Cooling – A Worst Case Scenario

29. December 2006


After experiencing frequent cpu slow downs on my Dell Inspiron 9100 Laptop, I went frantically searching for fixes. The fix: the fan exhaust vents were severely clogged. Included are some pictures to show just how extreme a case it was. I half-jokingly wonder if this would have caused my laptop battery to explode. The Inspiron […]

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SQL Hacks: Sequentially Numbering Records

11. December 2006


It is a simple concept, I want each record of a SQL result set to be numbered 1 through X. Well SQL wasn't really designed to do this so here come some the ugliest hacks you'll every see to "just get it done". Here is some more background. I got contracted to write some fixes […]

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