ATM running Internet Explorer

Tue, Mar 18, 2008

Tech Tips

Who would of thought there were ATMs out there running IE? I couldn’t not post this.

I swing by this bank on the weekends because it is convenient but their ATMs are always broken. So when they recently replaced the old ATMs with these nice shiny new ones I thought I was set. They worked the first week but this Sunday both of their ATMs were locked up with IE script errors.

I think you have to be a web developer to find the humor in this because I’m sure the Spanish speaking patron who received this error wasn’t as amused as I was. Ay Caramba!

ATM IE Error - Maybe they need to clear the cache.

Maybe they need to clear the cache.

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5 Responses to “ATM running Internet Explorer”

  1. Laszlo Says:

    Actually a lot of ATM application is based on ActiveX / COM components. These components are integrated together with JavaScript in an Internet Explorer container. At a given point this make-up was called “web enabled” which has a silly sounding today.
    And yes, in the most cases if you see an ATM with graphical elements on the screen, it is most probably a web page running in an IE container.

  2. Van Angus Says:

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  3. Michael Says:

    Have you tried bank of america.

  4. Gorec Says:

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