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Reloading Modules in a Python Interpreter

3. October 2009


If you have edited an external module (or .py file), you can reload the module from within the python interpreter by using the following command: reload(myModule) This assumes that you have imported the module at some point within your interpreter session. When Is This Useful It’s helpful if you are debugging code in a IDE […]

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Creating Temporary Tables in SQL Server

2. October 2009

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Here are three methods of creating and working with temporary tables in Microsoft SQL Server: Method 1: Select Into This is a quick and dirty method to create a temporary table. Compared to the other methods, you do not have to define the column names. Just add the ‘into #temptablename’ at the end of the […]

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Getting Distinct Rows Using Django Database Layer

1. October 2009


To get the equivalent of the SQL select distinct statement in Django, you can use a combination of the values() and distinct() method of the QuerySet api. For example, you have a musicians table and you want to get list of instruments that they play (with no duplicates): Musicians.objects.values('instrument').distinct() The values(‘instrument’) method will generate a […]

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