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NoWrap in ASP.Net

25. June 2009

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If you want your table column to not wrap in ASP.Net, you can use the NoWrap property in the tag like so: <td nowrap="nowrap"> content </td> This makes the code xhtml compliant and prevents warnings in the source view of designer in Visual Studio. Normally you could just specify a nowrap attribute by itself in […]

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Marking All Messages Read in Lotus Notes

24. June 2009


To Mark All Messages Read: – In the Edit Menu, click Unread Marks, then Mark All Read The shortcut to mark individual or selected messages read is the Insert key. When Does this Work? This worked for Lotus Notes 6.5 and I read it should work for 7. When Will This Help? If you are […]

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Formatting Columns in an ASP.Net GridView Control

23. June 2009

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To format columns in a GridView control, you can use the FormatString property: //Formatting Currency <asp:GridView id="grid" Runat="Server" > <Columns> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Amount" DataField="amt" FormatString="{0:c}"/> </Columns> </asp:GridView> To format a Date column, you must also set the HTMLEncode property to “False”. //Formatting a date column <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Amount" DataField="date1" FormatString="{0:d}" HTMLEncode="False" /> To format a Currency with […]

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Setting MimeType in PHP

22. June 2009

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Setting the Mime Type allows you to tell the browser what type of response that it is going to receive. This is useful for returning non html results like file downloads, xml and JSON. //Setting a XML File Type in PHP $mtype = "text/xml"; header("Content-Type: " . $mtype); //Setting a File Download Type in PHP […]

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How to Install PHP CURL on IIS

21. June 2009


Are you getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\myfile.php on line 100 A quick overview on how to get the php_curl.dll working on IIS. This works with PHP 5.x on Windows. Most likely you did not install the CURL extension when you first installed PHP on your machine. Below is […]

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